releasing live monarch butterflies

Live Butterfly Release for Weddings - The beauty and magic of a live butterfly release at weddings or special events is an experience you will never forget. We devote all of our efforts to producing large and lively Monarch butterflies for release at any type of event, especially weddings. You will find that most of our competition offer Painted Lady butterflies. The Monarch, however, is the largest and most beautiful butterfly available, with a wingspan twice as big as the "Painted Lady."

Pricing - We make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible without any compromise to quality. Please see our current price list on this website. In addition, we will match our competitors prices when available for similar quality live butterfly products.

Quality - Quality butterfly products at competitive prices is our goal. Our proven rearing methods are your assurance that you will receive live and healthy monarch butterflies to release at your wedding. Each hand-raised butterfly is fed, packaged and ready to be released. All you have to do is keep them in the delivery package until shortly before your event. Full instructions are included with the shipment.

Guarantee - We offer only the highest quality farm raised butterflies for release at weddings. We guarantee that you will receive your butterflies live, vibrant, healthy and in time for your wedding, party, or special event. In the unlikely occurrence that you find any problems with your order, notify us immediately and we will make every effort to correct the situation or refund your money for expired butterflies once they are returned to us. If you see that the weather is going to be bad before the wedding, give us a call 4 days before the event and we will gladly cancel the order and refund the full purchase amount. If you cancel your order for any other reason there will be a minimum 10% cancellation fee. Our commitment to customer satisfaction does not end when you make your purchase, but only when you have experienced the joy of your successful wedding butterfly release!

Required Conditions For a Butterfly Release - For a successful wedding butterfly release, the temperature needs to be at least 55 deg. F. We also highly recommend that you release butterflies prior to the sunset. If you are uncertain about the possible weather for your area on your wedding or event date, please check the historical weather records for your area. For sunset times in your area on your specific event date, please click HERE for more information.

Shipping - Our packaging and shipping system has been proven to work extremely well over many years of experience shipping live butterflies from our network of butterfly farms. All live monarch butterflies are shipped in specially-designed insulated containers to keep the butterflies alive and fresh. We ship all packages via FedEx Priority Overnight delivery and guarantee that they will arrive alive, healthy, and in time for your event. Full instructions will be provided with your shipment of live butterflies. To have a look at a portion of our instructions, please click HERE.

Favors - We also have a broad selection of butterfly wedding favors in addition to garden theme wedding favors and seed favors. Please click on the banner above for more information. Or, if you are interested in a beautiful selection of plantable paper favors and handmade paper invitations and seeded stationery, please visit our sister company website at for all your handmade paper and seed favor needs.

Flight Proven™ Technology - This is a feeding and exercise system developed specifically to give the butterflies their maximum life potential while still keeping them as fresh as possible. Each butterfly is fed, exercised, and hand inspected to ensure quality and liveliness prior to packaging. This allows us to keep an extremely low casualty rate - less than 1%.

This system was created out of 17 years of experience growing and breeding monarch butterflies. When you place an order with us for live butterflies, our many years of experience and dedication to high standards are your insurance for receiving lively, healthy, and beautiful monarch butterflies for release at your special event.

Price Match Policy - We work very hard to keep our prices fair and competitive. We do believe that our quality is superior to our competition, however we also make all efforts to match or beat their prices. If you find lower prices for the same products with our competition, please let us know. If possible, we'll match their prices. We do reserve the right to turn down any match price offer, however every attempt will be made to accept it.

Please note that there are 'lower quality' butterflies and products being offered by some of our competition. Please see the Buyers Beware! section on our website to learn about the wide differences you may find while shopping around.

** Butterfly Care Instructions **

1 - Locate the Freeze Pack. You may need to remove or disassemble any shipping materials (popcorn, etc.). It is important that the shipping materials be put back after.

2 - Check the Freeze Pack. It will likely be thawed. Place the Freeze Pack in the freezer. Store in a cool room at or below 74ºF. Once it is refrozen, return it to the shipping container.

3 - Continue to store in a cool room at or below 74ºF. For very hot or humid weather, try the basement, a wine cellar, tile or linoleum floors, or even inside a dry bathtub!

4 - Now that you have inspected and attended to the Freeze Pack, you will at some point the next day need to recheck the pack to insure it is still cold. Refreeze if necessary. If you are unable to refreeze the ice pack, you may fill a zip-lock bag with ice instead (just be sure that it does not leak!). You can be assured your lovely butterflies are resting safely inside their boxes, tucked securely in our Original Shipping Container.

5 - Listen to the weather Forecast for the day of the release. If the forecast is to be 90ºF or warmer, then proceed to refreeze the pack the night before and replace it in the morning.

6 - The time is drawing near to set your butterflies free! So, at about 2 hours prior to the Release time, remove the butterfly packages from the Shipping Container and display them in a basket or transfer them if using a mass release container. Try to make the warm-up gradual - avoid a sudden change from cold to hot, such as taking directly from the cooler and placing in the hot sun. At this time, you may hear a bit of movement, do not be alarmed, they are living creatures and this is perfectly normal. Be sure to store your butterflies in the shade until you are ready to set them free. Do not set in direct sunlight or extreme heat for more than 15 minutes!

Note - If needing to travel, you may transport your butterflies in the Original Shipping Container. If travel is long, or the ceremony/party is not until the afternoon or evening of the next day, then refreeze the pack the night before and replace it in the morning. Avoid leaving your butterflies in direct sunlight or exposure to high heat for more than 15 minutes. (No parked cars or hot door steps please!)